Accessories Exo Terra

Exo Terra Monsoon and Exo Terra Fogger - Accessories for Sprinkler System and ultrasonic nebuliser

Exo Terra has a very good reputation among the affordable irrigation systems for the terrarium. The Monsoon has a special position, because no other irrigation system offers so much performance at such a low price. Since sprinkler systems and nebulisers in the terrarium are exposed to high demands, it may be necessary, occasionally replace various parts. This applies to Sprinkler systems especially for the spray nozzles and for the Exo Terra Fogger for the membrane.

But also for the expansion of the Exo Terra Monsoon Terrarium sprinkler system you receive all kinds of useful accessories from us. The practical suction claws and various distributors are designed for the removal of of the irrigation system is just as important as additional spray nozzles or an extension of the hose for the Exo Terra Monsoon irrigation system. So one Exo Terra Monsoon can even be used for the irrigation of several terrariums. or for the supply of a large terrarium. Also Greenhouses can be well supplied with the irrigation system.

We only supply you with high-quality original accessories from Exo Terra, perfectly adapted to the Exo Terra Monsoon irrigation system or the Exo Terra Fogger and for highest performance of the irrigation system. For Exo Terra Monsoon and Exo Terra Fogger always use only the high-quality Exo Terra original accessories. How to preserve your irrigation technology permanently protects it from damage and ensures that the Moisture in the terrarium is right.