Heating Rocks & Heating Stones

Heating rocks & warming stones for terrariums

Heating rocks and heat stones in the terrarium are a wonderful alternative and supplement to the conventional terrarium heating. Heating rocks and warming stones have a double benefit in the terrarium. They are not only an efficient terrarium heater with low power consumption, but also a beautiful terrarium decoration.

In addition, heating rocks and heat stones in the terrarium simulate natural processes, as they know reptiles from their natural habitats. In nature, reptiles like to visit stones that have been warmed by the sun and use this natural heating to bring their bodies up to operating temperature. This can be imitated in the terrarium through the use of heating rocks and heat stones and your reptiles will soon choose these heating elements as their favorite place. Heating rocks and heating stones are extremely robust and the thermal element inside a heating rock is well insulated. Even in humid terrarium environments you can use a heating rock or warming stone as a terrarium heater. Absolute eye-catchers are the heat stones in any case in desert terrariums.

Our heating rocks and heating stones for terrariums come exclusively from the production of leading manufacturers of terrariums and are characterized by safety and durability in the terrarium. As additional heating in the terrarium they are very proven and are successfully used in terrariums of any size. The assembly of a heating rock or warming stone is also a real piece of cake.