Heating Mats

Heating mats for terrarium heating

Heating mats become more and more important as terrarium heating and this is not surprising, because heating mats have some advantages in the terrarium. On the one hand, heating mats are a very favourable type of terrarium heating, as heating mats absorb only little electricity and give off their heat evenly and very efficiently in the terrarium.

In addition, heating mats are very easy to install as terrarium heaters and are among the safest sources of heat in the terrarium. The fact that the terrarium heating mats are provided with a stable cover also contributes to this and makes this terrarium heating insensitive to reptile claws or moisture in the terrarium. In principle, heating mats are therefore suitable for almost all types of terrariums. Heating mats are of course available in different sizes, for each terrarium size and different terrarium environments. Whether desert terrarium or rain forest terrarium - our heating mats do everything and are a top alternative for terrarium heating.

A special form of the heating mats for terrariums is the so-called substrate heating. Substrate heaters are thin heating foils that have an adhesive layer on one side. So substrate heaters in and at the terrarium keep simply bomb-proof and the heat distribution of these special heating mats is always optimal. By the way, substrate heaters are particularly economical as terrarium heaters, as these foil heating mats require very little electricity to provide cosy warmth in the terrarium.