Heating cables & Others

Heating cables for terrariums and other heating devices

Heating cables are a perfect alternative for terrarium heating. The advantages of heating cables are obvious: A heating cable is extremely flexible and very easy to lay in the terrarium. Due to a safe silicone coating our heating cables are very safe for terrariums and a reliable alternative for reptiles and other terrarium animals.

Heating cables also have the great advantage that they consume little electricity and work as terrarium heating almost without loss. Depending on the version, a heating cable can be installed in the terrarium under the ground (i.e. in the terrarium) or under the terrarium. Many terrarium heating cables can also be attached to the side walls of the terrarium to generate additional heat in the terrarium. Good heating cables are also completely waterproof, which further increases the safety of this heater in the terrarium.
Our heating cables for terrariums originate exclusively from the production of proven terrarium manufacturers - quality accessories you can rely on. A heating cable is therefore a particularly inexpensive and reliable alternative for terrarium heating. By the way: It is particularly easy to lay your heating cables in the terrarium with so-called suction claws. This ensures that your heating cable is always securely fixed to the terrarium floor.

You will also find a large selection of other heating materials in the reptile cosmos. Last but not least, the popular HeatStrip from Econlux is one of them. HeatStrip heats up the windscreen in the terrarium and prevents fogging. With the HeatStrip windscreen heater you achieve a significantly improved heat distribution in the terrarium and create climatically perfect conditions for your reptiles.