Dragon Heat-Panel with dimmer

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The perfect terrarium heater: DRAGON HEAT PANEL! Dimmable, powerful and very robust.

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Dragon Heat Panel - the powerful terrarium heater with dimmer    

Heat Panels are the trend in terrarium heating. Not surprisingly, because when it comes to reliable heat supply, the panels can be particularly effective. With the Dragon Heat Panel, particular importance was attached to the equipment. The terrarium heater has a dimmer so that the heat output can be regulated manually. Everything is possible here, between slight warming (e.g. for night set-back) and high heat output (for desert terrariums or terrariums with tortoises). The dimmer also ensures that you can regulate the energy consumption yourself. You could hardly be more flexible!

A big advantage of the Dragon Heat Panels: Unlike other terrarium heaters of this type, the Dragon Heat Panel is only 2 cm thick and can therefore be installed almost invisibly under the terrarium ceiling. The large design of the panel creates a power of up to 280 watts. This is also optimal for large terrariums. 

Easy installation: The Dragon Heat Panel is particularly easy to install. In wooden terrariums, the terrarium heater is simply mounted to the ceiling using the screws supplied. And for glass terrariums? Not difficult either: fix the underside of the panel under the ceiling with silicone or a terrarium adhesive and, as an additional safeguard, screw two screws from below through the ventilation grille - keeps bombproof. Of course, the Dragon Heat Panel can also be attached to a terrarium wall.

High quality: The Dragon Heat Panel is well manufactured and consists of high quality metal components. If used properly and cared for properly, you will enjoy this terrarium heater for a long time. 

Perfect fit: Due to the size of the Dragon Heat Panels (29 cm x 60 cm and 29 x 100 cm) this terrarium heater is also suitable for larger terrariums from 60 cm width. In larger terrariums, the panel can be mounted to create warmer and cooler areas.

Optimum control: You can control the Dragon Heat Panel perfectly with a thermostat. This ensures that the terrarium always has the right temperature. We recommend the Exo Terra Exo Terra Dimming Pulse Proportional Thermostat. 

What you need to know about the Dragon Heat Panel:

  • Do not use the Heat Panel continuously. This can shorten the life span. After 12 hours of use at the latest, allow the heating element to cool down.
  • Do not use the Dragon Heat Panel permanently at the highest power level. This will reduce performance in the long term.
  • Maintain a safe distance between the panel and the power outlet and/or the floor. This should be at least 20 cm. Also ensure that the front/top distance is correct. It should be 30 cm. A distance of approx. 10 cm to the left and right of the panel is sufficient. 
  • Do not install the Heat Panel near easily flammable objects if you want to use the full power of the panel - this applies, for example, to decorative elements made of plastic.  
  • Protect the Dragon Heat Panel from damage such as scratches. This shortens the panel's life span. 
  • If you notice an odour during the first few days of operation, this is not a cause for concern. This disappears with increasing operating time.    

The length of the power cable (dimmer integrated) is 2 meters. Mounting material is included in delivery.

The Dragon Heat Panel is available from us in 2 versions:

Dragon Heat Panel HP-180, power: 180 Watt, dimensions: 59 cm x 29 x 2 cm (WxDxH)
Dragon Heat Panel HP-280, power: 280 Watt, dimensions: 100 cm x 29 x 2 cm (WxDxH)

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