Heat Panels - The tough alternative for terrarium heating

Heat Panels are a relatively new trend in terrarium heating. These terrarium heaters are also called hot plates or heating panels. In contrast to classic heating mats, Heat Panels are much more powerful and are suitable as the sole terrarium heater. In many cases a Heat Panel in the terrarium is the most economical solution for optimal heat in the terrarium.

Furthermore, heating plates are easy to install and are equally suitable for wooden terrariums and classic glass terrariums. Modern heat panels are dimmable, so they can be adjusted perfectly. This means that such heating panels also quickly become energy savers. The heat generated by a Heat Panel in the terrarium is particularly healthy for reptiles. Metabolic functions and natural behaviour are stimulated and you protect your animals from diseases.

A Heat Panel is also very easy to install in the terrarium. In a wooden terrarium the Heat Panel can be simply screwed directly into the ceiling. Of course the Heat Panel can also be mounted on the terrarium wall. If you want to equip a glass terrarium with such a Heat Panel, there are no problems either. In this case the Heat Panel is usually fixed to the ceiling with silicone or a suitable terrarium adhesive and additionally secured with screws that are turned through the upper ventilation grille.