Heating in the terrarium

Without the right heating in the terrarium, reptiles cannot be kept healthy and species-appropriate. The installation of an effective terrarium heater is child's play and does not cost much - at least if you buy your terrarium heater from the Reptilienkosmos.

With us you will find a large selection of heating elements for the terrarium - no matter whether you prefer radiant heaters (heat lamps), heating mats, heating cables or heating rocks (heat stones). A good terrarium heating provides for comfortable temperatures in the terrarium, without burdening the electricity bill too much. And when it comes to safety, our terrarium heaters are absolutely exemplary. All heating elements for terrariums, which you receive from us, originate from the quality production of leading manufacturers of terrariums and are characterised by a long service life and perfect functionality. Thus you create an ideal temperature in your terrarium and your reptiles and other terrarium animals can develop healthy.

We also offer you many particularly energy-saving solutions in the field of terrarium heating. These include, for example, heating cables that can be easily installed in any terrarium or ultra-thin substrate heaters that can also be installed as heating under the terrarium. If you are not sure which terrarium heater you need for your reptiles, just ask us. We will be happy to advise you on all topics around the right heat in the terrarium.