Filters & Turtles

Filters for turtles and aquatic terrariums

the keeping of turtles in the terrarium can be greatly improved by our reptile housing accessories. So your turtles can develop healthy and species-appropriate.

The most important terrarium accessories for keeping turtles are suitable terrarium pumps and terrarium filters, which help you to keep the water in the terrarium clean and ensure a good water circulation in the terrarium. Clean water is just as important for keeping water turtles as the right water temperature in the turtle tank. In addition, water turtles need suitable terrarium lighting with UV-B components to keep the turtle shell stable and healthy. Various filter inserts remove pollutants from the water in the aquatic terrarium and prevent the formation of odours.

Our terrarium accessories for turtles come exclusively from established terrarium manufacturers and are of the highest quality. Everything you need to keep your turtles is available from us at a reasonable price.