Fans, Timers & Miscellaneous

For terrarium control: Fans, Timers & Miscellaneous

With our accessories for the terrarium you can improve the reptile keeping clearly. With a special terrarium timer you can switch the terrarium lighting or the terrarium heating on or off at your programmed times.

Powerful heating elements or terrarium lamps can also be controlled reliably and safely. Additional terrarium fans in the terrarium ensure that heat accumulation does not stand a chance - this significantly improves the climatic conditions for reptiles and ensures optimum air conditions in the terrarium. With a special dimmer for terrariums you can also create decisive advantages. Especially in the warm summer months, the temperature in the terrarium is often much too high. A terrarium dimmer ensures that you can easily reduce the output of terrarium lamps and heating elements. This simply prevents overheating in the terrarium.

Our terrarium accessories come exclusively from the production of leading terrarium manufacturers and you get quality you can rely on. All this at our well-known Reptilenkosmos low-prices.