Terrarium technology for the perfect climate in the terrarium

The climate in the terrarium is an important factor when it comes to species-appropriate reptile husbandry. Without a good terrarium heating or the right air humidity, terrarium animals cannot develop healthy. We therefore offer you high-quality terrarium technology on which you can rely.

In the area of terrarium heating you will find a variety of reliable heating mats, heating cables and radiant heaters for terrariums and the appropriate heat control. Special thermostats and thermometers suitable for terrariums enable you to permanently control the terrarium heating. And our powerful humidifiers, sprinkler systems and foggers ensure optimum humidity. You can trust our hygrostats and hygrometers for the ideal control and measurement of humidity in your terrarium. A high-quality hygrostat relieves you of a lot of work when keeping reptiles and independently regulates the humidity in the terrarium.

Also included: special ventilators for terrariums, with the help of which you can effectively prevent heat accumulation in the terrarium, and suitable terrarium timers or timers for terrariums, with the help of which you can automate many processes in the terrarium. And if you want to manually provide the right humidity in the terrarium: Our pressure spray bottles are perfectly designed for working in the terrarium and guarantee fatigue-free working. In this way you always keep the terrarium climate at an optimal level for your reptiles. We can also offer you the right terrarium technology for large terrariums and entire terrarium systems. If you are not sure which irrigation system, which hygrostat or which terrarium fan is suitable for your terrarium - no problem. The Reptilienkosmos team will be happy to advise you on all questions concerning the terrarium climate. So you can provide optimal climatic conditions for your terrarium animals and contribute to a species-appropriate development of your reptiles or amphibians.