Other food supplements for reptiles

Vitamins, calcium and minerals are essential for the healthy development of all species of reptiles and amphibians in the terrarium. The normal food is usually not sufficient to feed the terrarium animals as it is possible by feeding them in the wild.

Our food supplements compensate for this deficiency and are perfectly adapted to the needs of reptiles and amphibians. This effectively prevents typical deficiency diseases (e.g. rachitis) and your terrarium animals are always optimally protected. A strong immune system, a healthy skeleton and a perfectly formed shell are the results if these effective food supplements are given regularly. The dosage and application in the terrarium is very easy. The valuable food additives are simply mixed with the normal food and are eaten by reptiles and amphibians without any problems. Successful breeders and professional reptile keepers trust in the positive effect of these preparations and also in private reptile keeping such important food supplements should not be missing in any case.

As far as the price is concerned, you can see for yourself that optimal health of reptiles and amphibians does not have to be expensive. Our nutritional supplements are extremely economical, long-lasting and available at amazingly low prices.