Herpetal - the secret of successful reptile breeders

Reptile breeders and professional reptile keepers (e.g. zoological gardens) do not rely without reason on the positive effects of Herpetal feed additives. Often it is hardly possible to supply reptiles and amphibians in the terrarium with important vitamins, minerals or amino acids, which terrarium animals absolutely need for a healthy development, only with the regular food.

In this way you can prevent deficiency diseases of reptiles or amphibians, strengthen the immune system of terrarium animals and ensure vitality. The development of a stable skeleton is also specifically promoted by the quality preparations from Herpetal and turtle shells grow without any malformation. Reptiles show their full colour splendour and the reproductive instinct is also promoted, which is especially important for reptile breeding. The healthy food supplements are based on absolutely natural ingredients and are perfectly adapted to the organisms of reptiles and amphibians and can be optimally converted by these. Rely on the positive power of Herpetal food supplements and improve the natural development of terrarium animals permanently.

The dosage of Herpetal supplements for reptiles and amphibians is by the way very simple and the high-quality and healthy preparations can be administered directly through the normal food. Herpetal products are therefore easy to use even for less experienced terrarium keepers.