Herbamed - for healthy reptiles

Hardly any other manufacturer of remedies and food supplements for reptiles enjoys such a good reputation as Herbamed. Herbamed products are based exclusively on natural ingredients and have been adapted to the organism of reptiles, amphibians and many small animals.

Herbamed stands for high effectiveness and tolerance in reptile husbandry. All Herbamed remedies and food supplements are the result of our own research and extensive experience in the optimal care of reptiles and other terrarium animals. Herbamed products prevent many diseases of reptiles and provide a strengthened immune system and more vitality. Deficiency diseases have thus no chance at all, because vitamins, minerals and trace elements important for reptiles are the best protection. Herbamed food supplements and remedies are available in liquid form, which makes dosage particularly easy. Herbamed preparations can be administered directly to reptiles and amphibians through drinking water.

We also trust in the Herbamed food supplements for reptiles and amphibians and can recommend these great preparations. With Herbamed you can get healthy reptile food supplements at a very affordable price.