Vitamins, Minerals & Other

Vitamins, Minerals & Nutritional Supplements for Reptiles and Amphibians

For the healthy development and a species-appropriate nutrition of terrarium animals the normal food is usually not sufficient. Every terrarium keeper must be aware that reptiles in their natural habitats have a different food composition than is possible in the terrarium.

The lack of natural sunlight alone makes significant differences here. In order to protect your reptiles and other terrarium animals effectively against deficiency diseases, the additional administration of valuable vitamins and minerals is absolutely necessary. In addition, you will find a large selection of healthy and proven nutritional supplements for reptiles and amphibians. Our high-quality food supplements not only ensure a stable, healthy skeleton and counteract undesirable developments of the shell. Also the colours of reptiles often only really come into their own when important additives are added to the food. Last but not least, the immune system of reptiles is strengthened by our food supplements, so that diseases cannot occur in the first place. Our vitamins, minerals and food supplements come exclusively from the production of experienced terrarium manufacturers, whom breeders and professional reptile owners have trusted for years.

In the Reptilenkosmos you'll always find everything that makes reptiles healthy and gets them healthy – in a large selection and at real savings prices. Of course, everything is available directly from stock and with our fast shipping service for terrarium accessories.