Food for agamids

Food for bearded dragon and other agamids

Bearded dragons and other species of agamaids are among the most popular terrarium animals and the need for suitable food for bearded dragons and the like is correspondingly high. Even though agamids are regarded as insectivores, these reptiles must be provided with variety and a high proportion of plant food.

Our special feeds for bertagams and other agamids give your terrarium animals everything they need for a truly species-appropriate diet. You should always take the age of the animals into consideration when feeding agamas. Adult bearded dragons, for example, need a different nutrient composition than young and growing bearded dragons. With our reptile food you cover all important vitamins, minerals and nutrients which bearded dragons and other agamas need – perfectly balanced, very digestible and extremely tasty for agamids. Our special feed mixes for agamas have been carefully produced and vacuum packed immediately. This means that this healthy agama food comes to you crisply fresh and can be stored for longer without any problems.

Our special reptile food makes a valuable contribution to a good and balanced diet of bearded dragons and other agamids. And that good reptile food does not have to be expensive is shown by our reasonable prices for these high-quality and healthy feeds.