Tropical House Crickets

Tropical house cricket, the healthy food insects

Tropical house crickets (also known as Indian house cricket or banded cricket) are often used in reptile keeping as live food and many reptiles love the taste of these healthy food insects. Tropical house crickets are visually very similar to crickets and Tropical house crickets have about the same nutrient content, but with Tropical house crickets you simply add a little healthy variety to the diet of reptiles and other terrarium animals.

Tropical house crickets (Indian house cricket or banded cricket) are healthy food animals and come from controlled insect breeding. The tropical house crickets are fed in a species-appropriate way and are incredibly vital. Tropical house crickets contain many valuable vitamins and minerals. These food insects also contain important nutrients for reptiles, are very easy to digest and ensure the healthy development of terrarium animals. Due to short shipping times and optimal logistics, our short wing crickets and other food insects always arrive fresh and well nourished, so that your reptiles can enjoy this healthy live snack especially.

You get Tropical house crickets (Indian house cricket or banded cricket) from us in different development stages, so that the size of the food insects fits optimally to the needs of your terrarium pups. You can save a lot of money with our popular large insect packs. This way you can keep Tropical house crickets in stock with a lot of savings. Our staggered prices for the purchase of Tropical house crickets are also a great way to reduce the cost of buying food insects. Try it out: You and your reptiles will certainly like our healthy short flights.