Jamaican Field Crickets

Jamaican field crickets as healthy food insects

Jamaican field crickets are ideal as food animals for reptiles and other terrarium animals. Field crickets have a very high content of important nutrients and are rich in minerals and vitamins as food animals. This promotes the healthy development of reptiles. Field crickets are easy to digest and are a real treat for insectivorous reptiles.

Jamaican field crickets have even more advantages as food insects in the terrarium. Field crickets are less bouncy and agile than many other insects. This is why even the less skilled hunters among reptiles can catch a steppe cricket in the terrarium relatively easily. Field crickets are also better suited for stock keeping, because unlike other cricket species, field crickets are "quiet food insects" – they don't chirp as loudly as you know from many crickets. In addition, when feeding field crickets, you bring tasty and varied food animals into the terrarium, which are eaten with great pleasure by your reptiles and other terrarium animals. Chameleons, bearded dragons and many gecko species love these food insects. As live food, field crickets are also very popular with mantids and tarantulas.

Our Jamaican field crickets come exclusively from strictly controlled insect breeding. These food insects were fed in a species-appropriate way and had sufficient time to develop healthily. Our field crickets provide a tasty and nutritious snack for your reptiles and many other terrarium animals. You can save money with our food insects bulk packs and graduated prices. This makes our field crickets especially cheap.