House Crickets

House crickets as food insects

House crickets are the living food of choice for many insectivorous reptiles. This is also due to the fact that crickets are easy to handle as food insects and even smaller reptiles have little trouble catching live crickets in the terrarium. House crickets are incredibly healthy and nutritious food insects and crickets are always at the top of reptile breeders' menus.

As feed animals, our house crickets are rich in valuable vitamins and minerals and provide reptiles with important nutrients. The house crickets you order in our shop are fed in an absolutely species-appropriate way and the feed insects come from strictly controlled breeding. We have optimised the dispatch of crickets and other feed animals so that these feed insects always arrive fresh and absolutely vital. So you can be sure that your reptiles and other terrarium animals can eat healthy live food. The best quality house crickets, rich in important nutrients and ready to feed.

Of course we offer you our house crickets in different sizes (development stages) and also in insect packages of different sizes, according to the needs and appetites of your reptiles. With our large packs you can save a lot of money when buying food insects. In addition, you benefit from our low graduated prices for our feed insects. Our fresh, healthy house crickets will definitely inspire you.