Grasshoppers as food insects

Grasshoppers (Locusts) are among the most popular feed insects for reptiles and our grasshoppers are rich in important nutrients and vitamins that contribute to the healthy development of reptiles. At the same time, grasshoppers are the absolute giants of food insects and desert grasshoppers bring it to an impressive size. Grasshoppers also serve larger insectivorous reptiles as a full meal and not just as a snack.

With grasshoppers (locusts) as food insects, it is of course important that these food animals have been raised and fed in a species-appropriate manner, because only in this way can grasshoppers also have a positive effect on the health of reptiles as reptile food. With our migratory locusts and grasshoppers you can see the freshness and quality with the naked eye. The grasshoppers are absolutely vital, nourish their species and stimulate the hunting instincts of reptiles with their natural colours. Our grasshoppers are available in different sizes (development stages) so you can order these healthy and nutritious food insects to suit your reptiles.

Our grasshoppers come from strictly controlled and flawless breeding. Our dispatch logistics for feed insects have been designed to ensure that grasshoppers and other feed animals always reach you as quickly and freshly as possible. So you can always offer your reptiles wonderfully healthy and well fed grasshoppers. All this at the usual low reptile cosmos prices.