Food insects Accessories

Practical feed insect accessories

With our accessories for feed animals and feed insects the feeding of live insects in the terrarium becomes even easier and more comfortable. Our cricket traps or glue traps are practical for the regular work with feed animals and feed insects.

Unfortunately, it happens more often that food insects can escape at an unnoticed moment and who wants crickets, house crickets or other food animals to spread uncontrolled in their own homes? A glue trap for food insects – also known as a cricket trap – is a quick remedy. Such a trap for food animals and food insects is ready for use within seconds and reliably catches escaped food insects again. Our Aqua Gel is also very helpful if you want to keep food animals and food insects in stock. This allows you to supply food insects with liquid without the risk of drowning. This reduces the loss rate of feed insects and also saves a lot of money. Our accessories for feed insects and the keeping of feed animals will be a valuable help in your terrarium practice.

In terms of price, our feed insect accessories are no reason to dig deep into your pocket. You always get our terrarium accessories at low daily prices and directly from stock. Our fast shipping service makes the purchase of accessories for food insects a real pleasure.