Feeder Insects

Feed insects and feed animals for reptiles

Insectivorous reptiles need good and nutritious food insects to develop healthily. That's why our motto for food insects is clear: Fresh on the table. And you can rely on this freshness for all the food insects you order from us. You receive your feed insects in the best quality, vital and only reared with species-appropriate feed.

In the breeding of our feed insects we deliberately do without any kind of chemistry – this directly benefits your insectivorous reptiles and other terrarium animals. Grasshoppers, crickets, crickets and other food insects are carefully controlled by us and our food insects only go on their way to you in tins with sufficient space and provisions. This way you can be sure that all food insects arrive healthy and cheerful. Buy feed insects from the reptile cosmos – that's quality you can see and taste your reptiles. Just test our reptile feed animals and feed insects – you will get an idea of how healthy live food for terrarium animals can be.

But we not only supply you with the best feed animals and feed insects, but also all the accessories you need for feeding reptiles with live feed insects. Our cricket traps ensure, for example, that food insects that have escaped you have no chance to settle comfortably in your home. You will also find a wide selection of dry insects, ideal reptile food when there are no live insects in the house. Locusts, crickets, mealworms and many other food insects – nutrient-rich, digestible and crunchy fresh through vacuum packaging. Your reptiles and many other terrarium animals will love this tasty and healthy variety of food.