Feeder Animal Breeding

Feed Animal Breeding

If you keep many reptiles or amphibians, you know that feeding them with feed insects or breeding rodents can quickly turn into money. An alternative here is certainly the own breeding of feed insects and feed animals. And with the right equipment the breeding of nutritious and cheap feed animals and feed insects is not really difficult.

For the successful breeding of healthy feed insects, we provide you with insect food that provides your feeding insects with everything necessary for a species-appropriate diet. The valuable nutrients of our insect food ultimately also benefit the health of your reptiles. Also for the breeding of rodents – i.e. rats or mice – we have everything in stock that is necessary for the species-appropriate nutrition of these feed animals. Our feeds for breeding rodents come from the best production and contain many nutrients that promote the rapid and healthy growth of rodents. You will find suitable rodent cages for the species-appropriate and safe keeping of breeding rodents as well as practical drinking bottles for the optimal hydration of rats and mice. We also offer cricket boxes, the universal helpers for breeding and storing feed insects, in the very best product quality.

Everything you need for the breeding of your own feeding insects and feeding animals, you can get in our shop at particularly favourable prices. In addition, all breeding accessories are usually available from stock, so that you can benefit from our fast shipping times.