Tools & Accessories

Tools & Accessories for the Terrarium

Suitable tools and aids for the daily work in the terrarium can be found in the reptile cosmos in large selection and always at really reasonable prices. For example, make it easier to feed reptiles and other terrarium animals with our practical food tweezers and food tongs.

This makes handling feed animals and feed insects faster, more hygienic and safer. Many reptiles and amphibians also do not like to take food animals directly out of their hands. With a high-quality and functional food tong or food tweezer, feeding becomes less stressful for both humans and terrarium animals. Often it is also the case that people have difficulties to hand feed breeding rodents into the terrarium - our food tongs, which are available in different sizes, also help here. With these food tongs you can handle everything - safely. Whether food insects, mice or even rats. These helpful tools for keeping reptiles are made of the best stainless metal and have been developed for use in the terrarium.

You can also find them in our Shop: The practical probe sets for sex determination of reptiles. Who doesn't want to know whether the snakes or bearded dragons we breed ourselves are male or female? With our special probes, this can be determined quickly and completely painlessly for your terrarium animals. Therefore, the so-called button probes for sex determination of reptiles belong to the accessories for the serious terrarium animal.