Other for the health of reptiles

Reptile health is one of the central topics in terraristics and despite the best nutrition and perfect husbandry conditions in the terrarium, reptiles can naturally become ill. Experienced keepers distinguish between minor complaints that can be treated with suitable remedies and serious diseases that require a visit to the vet.

Those who keep reptiles and other terrarium animals should always have a basic equipment of remedies ready – similar to a medicine chest for us humans. This is a quick and effective remedy for minor aches and pains. Especially when reptiles or amphibians are infested by parasites, you should act quickly and use one of our proven remedies against mites, ticks and other pests. These anti-parasitic agents are based on active ingredients that are extremely effective against pests in the terrarium, but do not affect the health of your reptiles. And if you're not sure whether your terrarium animals could suffer from parasite infestation and want to know for sure, we offer you practical kits for the faecal analysis of reptiles, including a professional laboratory analysis.

With us you will always find a large selection of effective remedies that work quickly and do not burden the health of your reptiles. Good reptile health is not expensive, as you can see from our permanently low prices.