Herpetal - the top brand for the health of reptiles

Herpetal has become one of the most popular and well-known manufacturers of remedies and feed additives for reptiles and amphibians. The main focus of Herpetal's terraristic products is not so much on the treatment as on the prevention of various reptile diseases.

Herpetal Complete T is an incredibly healthy blend of minerals, vitamins and calcium that has a very positive effect on reptile health and well-being and effectively supports the immune system. You can also get effective electrolytes, which are used against stomach and intestinal problems of reptiles, from the quality production of Herpetal. Herpetal terraristic products prevent deficiency diseases of reptiles and provide a strong, healthy skeleton and perfect shell growth. Herpetal is not without reason one of the preferred brands of reptile breeders and professional reptile owners.

And the fact that Herpetal quality products are not expensive is a matter of honour in the Reptilenkosmos anyway. Discover the positive effect of Herpetal with us at an economy price. All Herpetal preparations are available from us directly from stock and in the proven fast delivery service.