Herbamed - the reliable remedy for reptiles and amphibians

Herbamed is one of the most successful and reliable manufacturers of remedies for reptiles and small animals. Herbamed products are highly effective remedies for various ailments and illnesses that occur more frequently in reptiles and other terrarium animals.

The high-quality Herbamed remedies are based on natural active ingredients that are completely harmless to your reptiles. With Herbamed remedies the immune system of reptiles can be strengthened, diarrhoeal diseases can be combated effectively, skin problems and skin diseases are alleviated and Herbamed products are also a strong herb against colds. It is clear that even the effective Herbamed remedies for reptiles and amphibians cannot replace a visit to the vet. For minor complaints, however, a well-stocked medicine cabinet is essential for the terrarium. Herbamed products are the remedy of choice and many reptile breeders and professional owners (e.g. zoological gardens) have been relying on Herbamed remedies for a long time.

Discover our large selection of Herbamed remedies and convince yourself of the effectiveness of these natural preparations. And that health for reptiles and amphibians must be anything but an expensive luxury is shown by our low prices for Herbamed products.