Remedies for reptiles and amphibians

Things that apply to us humans also work with reptiles. Not every little pain causes a visit to the doctor and reptiles occasionally suffer from minor complaints. Diarrhoea, colds, weakness, loss of appetite, moulting difficulties, parasite infestation – at first everything sounds very unpleasant, but also reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals have grown an herb against almost everything.

The Reptilenkosmos offers a rich selection of highly effective preparations that effectively alleviate disease symptoms in reptiles. Of course, none of these medications can replace a visit to the vet, but they can quickly help with minor complaints. And all remedies for reptiles and other terrarium animals, which you receive from us, come exclusively from manufacturers, who look back on a long experience in this area. The preparations are based together and especially on natural active substances, are prescription-free and also for laymen very simply applicable.

For more critical conditions, or if there is no improvement in the treatment of reptiles or amphibians, you must consult a veterinarian. Do not rely on the tips and tricks of other reptile owners, but consult an expert immediately. Otherwise, you can rely on our high-quality remedies and treat minor wounds quickly and effectively.