Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals

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Ingeniously simple, super cheap: LUCKY REPTILE AQUA CRYSTALS! The healthy, natural moisturizing gel for self-stirring.

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  • Nur mit Wasser vermischen und fertig
  • Für die Trinkwasserversorgung sämtlicher Terrarientiere
  • Auch für die Erhöhung der Luftfeuchtigkeit geeignet
  • Ergibt ca. 25 Liter fertiges Wassergel

Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals - the liquid gel for do-it-yourself use

That's just a great idea! With Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals you can mix your moisturizing jelly just as you need it - quickly and cheaply. Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals is a high-quality granulate that stores a lot of water and which, when mixed directly with water, turns into a rich, healthy jelly. This ensures that smaller terrarium animals, tarantulas, scorpions or feed insects are supplied with important drinking water at all times. The moisturizing gel has also proved very effective for moisturizing the transport of reptiles and other small animals. You can also use Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals to create a long-term drinking water supply when you are on holiday, for example. In this way you ensure the supply of terrarium animals even over a longer period of time. Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals can also be easily mixed with vitamins, minerals or medications. So such additives are very easy to feed to your reptiles.

Another application for Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals is to increase the humidity in the terrarium. How's that work? Incredibly simple! You mix Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals as needed under the substrate in the terrarium. This significantly increases the water storage capacity. It has never been so easy to create a perfect terrarium climate with the simplest means. By the way, gel production with Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals is child's play: Take a suitable container and mix 12 grams of Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals with 1 liter of water. Stir and you're done! You have already produced one litre of the best AquaGel. You do not need to heat anything and no further operations.

A can of Lucky Reptile Aqua Crystals contains 50g of granules for mixing liquid gel for terrarium animals and produces approx. 5 litres of finished aquagel for reptiles.

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