Cleaning & Hygiene

Cleaning & Hygiene in the Terrarium

Cleanliness is the highest terrarium obligation when keeping reptiles in the terrarium. Only perfect hygiene can remove lime from the terrarium glass without leaving residues and effective cleaners effectively prevent parasite infestation and the spread of harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the terrarium.

When cleaning your terrarium, you cannot fall back on conventional household cleaners, as these cleaners contain substances that are simply toxic and life-threatening for reptiles and other terrarium animals. Our terrarium cleaners do not require aggressive chemicals and are completely harmless for terrarium inhabitants. Nevertheless, these terrarium cleaners are an effective weapon against all kinds of pests and pathogens. Even against stubborn mite infestations you will find the right product in our large selection of cleaners. Thus you provide for cleanliness and best living conditions in the terrarium, without endangering the health of your reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals.

Our terrarium cleaners are by the way also very effective means against smell formation in the terrarium. Such odours are usually caused by bacteria, which can be eliminated very effectively on a purely biological basis. It does not always have to be the same chemical club for the cleaning, as our cleaners show for the terrarium. Discover our large selection of hygiene products for terrariums and enjoy our particularly low prices.