Compact Knowledge Agamen (Author: Oliver Drewes)

A must read for anyone who holds agamas: COMPACT KNOWLEDGE AGAMEN! 288 pages of expert knowledge - informative & exciting. Many high-quality photos and illustrations.

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Item number RK1147

Compact knowledge Agamen (Terraristikbuch, VIVARIA Verlag, Hardcover, 288 pages)

Genre: Terraristics
Type: Terraristic reference book
Topic: Basic knowledge about agamas and the attitude of agamas
ISBN: 978-3-9810412-5-5

Agamas are lizards that occur in very different habitats and therefore exhibit very different behaviour and highly specific requirements when cared for in the terrarium. The makers of the VIVARIA publishing house therefore did well to publish their own standard work on this interesting reptile family, "Kompaktwissen Agamen". Because agamas populate large parts of the old world, whereas agamas, for instance with the popular bearded dragons, are also at home in Australia.

The terrarium, in addition, its mechanism and climatic conditions, will come, with the care of Agamen, thus most differently from each other. So a tank for the thorntail from North Africa will be dry hot and the terrarium will be extended rather in length and width. For the water-agamas who like to climb, the terrarium, as a typical rainforest basin, may be humid-warm and rather built in the height. So it is no wonder that the book "Kompaktwissen Agamen" (Compact Knowledge Agamens) about terrariums and the purchase of the agamas, has given a lot of space to the acquisition of the terrarium. Transport, quarantine and settling in are also described in detail. And that's a good thing, because especially the popular water dragons, with their daring jumps in the terrarium, can injure their muzzles on the container discs again and again. Through "Compact Knowledge Agamen" you will learn how to avoid such difficulties.

So it is a good thing that the well-known terrarium expert Oliver Drewes in "Kompaktwissen Agamen" also puts some important considerations BEFORE the purchase. Among other things, this involves the time and cost factor as well as the appropriate holiday care. One will do oneself, as is well known, with largely vegetarian living types easier. Because not every mother-in-law or aunt will be happy to watch (or even hand over the "henchman") when a stately grasshopper or even a baby mouse is eaten with pleasure. Our conclusion: The terrarium book "Kompaktwissen Agamen" with its 246 photos and 102 graphics is as colourful and varied as the family of the agamas itself. Thanks to numerous individual portraits, we are also dealing here with a comprehensive standard work that portrays the most popular agamas in detail and leaves the reader with hardly any open questions. For each species there are temperature, humidity and precipitation values related to the respective area of origin, which supplement the already extensive general care part. In addition, the, partly vegetarian, then again animal nutrition of the agamas takes up a large part, whereby also terrarium decoration and technique are not neglected in "compact knowledge agamas".

About the author of "Kompaktwissen Agamen":

Without question, Oliver Drewes, founder of the VIVARIA publishing house, is predestined like no other to write a comprehensive reference book about the Agamen family. Because reptiles are quasi its daily bread and accompany the author of compact knowledge Agamen from child legs on. After all, Drewes, born in Haan in 1970, already kept ornamental fish and various terrarium animals in his nursery. In 1999 he was finally able to turn his hobby into his profession and since then has been working with aquaristic and terraristic products in a traditional company of the zoo industry. Also it is by no means the first time that Oliver Drewes appears as an author with "Kompaktwissen Agamen". Drewes has repeatedly written texts for various renowned publishing houses that market books on the keeping of terrarium animals in Germany and the USA, before entering the publishing industry himself in 2005 with VIVARIA Verlag!

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