SolarRaptor HID lamp

At best, the sun itself can do better than that: SOLARRAPTOR HID-LAMP! State-of-the-art light technology for high UV output, plenty of daylight and cosy warmth in the terrarium.

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Item number RK1159C

SolarRaptor HID-Lamp - the ultimate UV high performance lamp for terrariums

Successful terrarium keepers know it anyway: healthy and species-appropriate reptile husbandry requires above all the right lighting. Many reptiles have a high need for UV radiation, daylight and heat. With the SolarRaptor HID-Lamp you kill three birds with one stone. Because: The SolarRaptor HID lamp is a powerful piece of terrarium lighting and helps you to supply terrarium animals optimally. The SolarRaptor HID lamp sets new standards for terrarium lighting in the areas of UV stability, service life and daylight output and convinces with its excellent manufacturing quality. It can be felt and seen: A linear solar spectrum with 5,000 K and a colour rendering index (CRI) of more than 86 brings real sunlight into your terrarium and offers your reptiles quasi natural light conditions, which ideally supports the colour perception of terrarium animals. Not to forget: 70,000 lux (measured at a distance of 30 cm) stands for a brightness similar to that of the sun. But the SolarRaptor HID lamp is also a leader in the UV range: your reptiles are optimally supplied with vital UV-A and UV-B. This promotes not only vitamin D3 synthesis - the basic prerequisite for the healthy development of the bone structure or shell of terrarium animals and an absolute prerequisite for the prevention of deficiency diseases - but also the natural perception of the environment. Appetite and willingness to mate, for example, are significantly increased by an adequate UV supply. Not least of all: The SolarRaptor HID lamp is also a powerful source of heat and ensures that your terrarium wards can live at real comfort temperatures.

What makes the SolarRaptor HID lamp such a powerful power pack for my terrarium? In a nutshell: serious research results are combined here with modern lighting technology at the highest level. The result was an ingenious high-pressure metal halide lamp that combines the best of several worlds: The SolarRaptor HID lamp combines unusually high UV stability with a particularly long service life. The SolarRaptor HID-Lamp's economy and therefore cost-effectiveness is evident in comparison with conventional light sources for terrariums. While many UV compact lamps and UV fluorescent tubes often emit hardly enough UV radiation after only 3 - 4 months, the SolarRaptor HID lamp convinces with its incredibly stable and long-term UV spectrum. This is also reflected in the fact that the recommended operating time of a SolarRaptor HID lamp is a sensational 4,000 operating hours.

And why is a SolarRaptor HID lamp holding up so long? Quite simple: A high-quality aluminium housing lowers the temperatures in the hottest area of the terrarium lamp by up to 200° C and the improved light and heat management of the SolarRaptor HID lamp, using an innovative facet reflector, ensures that the molecular changes in the quartz glass of the terrarium lamp are significantly slowed down. Another feature is the color temperature of the SolarRaptor HID lamp. Why is that 5,000 K, of all things? The explanation is simple: 5,000 K (i.e. 5,000 Kelvin) correspond to the mean color temperature of real sunlight, as would be measured in the natural habitats of most day-active reptiles. This makes the SolarRaptor HID lamp so suitable for all terrarium areas and not only reptiles, but also terrarium plants feel very comfortable in such daylight conditions. And a further detail speaks for the use of the SolarRaptor HID lamp in the terrarium: If you want to illuminate a terrarium evenly, you'll find terrarium lamps with a particularly wide beam angle very useful. That is actually the right approach. But: Many of these "wide emitters" unfortunately ensure that far too little vital UV-A and UV-B radiation arrives in the lower area of the terrarium. This can turn out to be fatal, because this is where most of the terrarium animals live. The SolarRaptor HID lamp puts an end to this! The SolarRaptor HID lamp sends UV radiation into the deepest areas of the terrarium thanks to its sophisticated design and impressive performance - an essential factor especially for higher terrariums.

What you have to pay attention to when operating the SolarRaptor HID lamp:

Be sure to "burn in" your SolarRaptor HID lamp!

If you are using the SolarRaptor HID lamp for the first time, you must allow your terrarium lamp to burn continuously for at least 2 hours. This "burning in" stabilizes the SolarRaptor HID lamp and prevents later damage. Please never switch on the Solar Raptor for a test as long as it is not burned in.

The SolarRaptor HID lamp needs a suitable ballast!

Your SolarRaptor HID lamp must be operated with a suitable ballast. Here the high-quality SolarRaptor EVG is to be recommended. All SolarRaptor HID lamps have a standard E27 thread.

Always use a ceramic socket (porcelain socket) and a protective basket!

The high output of the SolarRaptor HID lamp naturally also generates heat on the socket. Please do not even think of using a cheap metal or plastic frame here. Only in a porcelain socket (ceramic socket) can strong terrarium lamps be operated safely. You'd risk a dangerous meltdown if you didn't. And put the SolarRaptor HID lamp behind bars, please. A protective cage or a suitable protective grid ensures that your terrarium animals cannot come into direct contact with the SolarRaptor HID lamp. Important: Never mount your SolarRaptor HID lamp near easily combustible objects.

Ensure adequate ventilation!

Never cover the SolarRaptor HID lamp or ballast and ensure good ventilation.

Pay attention to the correct operating time!

You can significantly extend the life of your SolarRaptor HID lamp if you adhere to certain operating intervals. Recommended: Always allow the SolarRaptor HID lamp to burn for at least 8 hours before switching the terrarium lamp off again. The SolarRaptor HID lamp should be replaced after 12 months at the latest with a daily operating time of about 12 hours, as the UV values deteriorate significantly from this point on and your terrarium animals are no longer optimally supplied.

The SolarRaptor HID lamp is available from us in various power ratings and designs. The table below will help you find your way around. This allows you to select the SolarRaptor HID lamp that best fits your terrarium.


Articles setting power UV output
30 cm
beam angle CRI colour temperature type

Solar Raptor®
HID Lamp 35W Spot

E27 35 Watt 95 µW/cm2 30cm 24,0° >86 5000K PAR20

Solar Raptor®
HID lamp 35W Flood

E27 35 Watt 95 µW/cm2 50cm 23,6° >86 5000K PAR30

Solar Raptor®
HID Lamp 50W Spot

E27 50 Watt

280 μW/cm2

40cm 23,6° >86 5000K PAR30

Solar Raptor®
HID lamp 70W Flood

E27 70 Watt 530 μW/cm2 60cm 36,4° >86 5000K PAR38

Solar Raptor®
ID Lamp 70W Spot

E27 70 Watt 500 μW/cm2 60cm 23,6° >86 5000K PAR30

Solar Raptor®
HID lamp 150W Flood

E27 150 Watt 710 μW/cm2 65cm 36,4° >86 5000K PAR38


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