Hobby UV Star Desert UV Floodlight

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Strong, inexpensive and very robust: HOBBY UV STAR DESERT! The clever alternative for UV surface emitters for desert dwellers.

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  • Sonnenlichtähnliches Spektrum: Viel UV-A und lebenswichtiges UV-B bei ausgewogener Wärme
  • Fördert die Vitamin D3-Synthese bei Reptilien optimal
  • Top verarbeitet für besonders lange Lebensdauer
  • Niedriger Verbrauch und günstiger Anschaffungspreis
  • Benötigt elektronisches Vorschaltgerät für HID Leuchtmittel

Hobby UV Star Desert UV floodlight - high output of UV-A and vital UV-B

Reptiles with a very high need for UV radiation should only be kept in a terrarium that is equipped with a suitable UV surface emitter. However, you must also consider the light temperature here in any case, because this is an important factor in reptile husbandry. The Hobby Star Desert UV was equipped with a spectrum that resembles the light in desert areas. The light here is much whiter due to the lack of humidity, so it has a colder tone. That is why the Hobby Star Desert UV has a colour temperature of approx. 6000 K, which is an ideal value for the species-appropriate keeping of bearded dragons, thorntail dragons or belttails, i.e. species that prefer to colonise deserts or dry steppes. The light intensity and colour rendering value are also set so that these terrarium protegees will feel particularly comfortable. In addition, there is the excellent UV production of this terrarium lamp, which provides much vitalizing UV-A and of course vital UV-B, which reptiles need for the D3 synthesis. The development of a healthy skeleton is hardly possible without vitamin D3 and diseases such as rickets can occur. The Hobby UV Star Desert also delivers a strong performance when it comes to heat radiation and you can also use this UV terrarium lamp as your sole light source. If you want to optimally supply larger terrariums, you may need additional daylight lamps or additional heat lamps. Attention: The UV Star lamps need a HID ballast for operation! For example, we recommend the electronic ballasts from Lucky Reptile or Solar Raptor.

The Hobby UV Star Desert floodlight has a particularly high-quality finish and thus creates a considerable service life. The purchase price is also quite attractive, and the low wattage ensures that the consumption values always remain within reasonable limits. Hobby UV Star Desert floodlights convince by advanced technology, so Hobby has e.g. attached importance to a particularly gentle ignition process, which protects the terrarium lamp from defects. So you get real quality lighting at a very reasonable price.

We offer the Hobby UV Star Desert floodlight in two different wattages:

Hobby UV Star Desert UV floodlight, 50 Watt
Hobby UV Star Desert UV floodlight, 70 Watt

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