Starters & Operating Units

Starter & operating units for tubes

The best fluorescent tubes for the terrarium are useless if you do not have the right starter unit or operating unit for the terrarium. Otherwise it will just stay dark inside the terrarium. Only with a suitable starter unit (operating unit) can terrarium tubes develop their full performance and can be operated safely and energy-saving in the terrarium.

Modern starter and operating units ensure that the operating time of terrarium fluorescent tubes is significantly extended and that the light in the terrarium is optimally adjusted for the eyes of reptiles. But it is not only for technical reasons that starter and operating units are an absolute must for your terrarium tubes. If you want to simulate a sunrise or sunset in the terrarium, special operating units ensure this. Our operating units and starter units are of course available for all types of terrarium tubes, whether conventional T8 tubes or modern T5 fluorescent tubes for your terrarium.

You will also find the right starter and operating units in the reptile cosmos for humid terrarium environments or even for aquatic terrariums. These operating units are completely waterproof and protect you and your reptiles safely from any danger. You can use the starter and operating units to operate one or two fluorescent tubes in the terrarium and find the right device for all the strengths of terrarium tubes. The starter units and operating units, which are available in our terrarium shop, are all made to the highest quality standards and have a long service life.