Sockets & Accessories

Sockets & Accessories for Terrarium Lamps

Terrarium lighting is one of the most important topics in reptile husbandry. This includes not only the selection of the right terrarium lamps, but also the accessories for the terrarium lighting. And we offer you a huge selection of accessories for your terrarium lamps.

Especially the lamp sockets play an important role for the safe terrarium lighting. Where strong daylight lamps, heat lamps or UV surface emitters come into play, the sockets of terrarium lamps often heat up very strongly. To prevent melting through, we offer you high-security ceramic sockets (porcelain sockets) for all terrarium lamps and everything you need for the quick installation of sockets in the terrarium. Thus you provide additional security in the terrarium and protect your reptiles and other terrarium animals effectively against injuries. The alignment of terrarium lamps also becomes a real piece of cake with our accessories for terrarium lighting.

Our lampholders for terrarium lamps and the practical accessories for terrarium lighting come exclusively from well-known terrarium manufacturers. So you can be sure that you can operate your terrarium lighting exclusively with high-quality and safe components.