Reflectors & Protection Baskets

Reflectors & Accessories for Terrarium Lighting

With reflectors you can significantly improve the luminous efficacy of your terrarium lamps and significantly increase the effect of the terrarium lighting. We offer high-quality reflectors for all types of terrarium lamps and terrarium fluorescent tubes.

Easy to install in the terrarium and highly efficient. Protective baskets and protective grilles should also be installed in the terrarium whenever strong terrarium lamps are used, as a protective basket significantly minimises the risk of injury to reptiles. The trend is also towards practical clamp bulbs, which can be used to safely and flexibly operate terrarium lamps. Clip-on lamps are always a good solution where there is little space available on the terrarium for mounting the terrarium lighting.

Our high-quality accessories for terrarium lighting come exclusively from proven brand manufacturers with an excellent reputation for reptile keeping. So you always know that you are operating your terrarium with safe lighting technology. A good feeling and a valuable contribution to the optimal keeping of reptiles.