Moonlight Lamps

Moonlight lamps in the terrarium

Moonlight lamps are the optimal light sources in the terrarium when it comes to nocturnal observations. These terrarium lamps emit light with a special spectrum that corresponds to the natural light of the moon.

Moonlight lamps are thus a real speciality among the terrarium lamps, because these special lamps emit hardly any heat and do not disturb the night temperatures in the terrarium. The light effect produced by moonlight lamps in the terrarium is simply fascinating. The terrarium lamps produce a unique, bluish shimmering light, which transforms the whole terrarium into a great nocturnal scenery. And moonlight lamps have certainly not only been designed for show purposes in terrariums. The light spectrum of a moonlight lamp stimulates the breeding behaviour of reptiles and is therefore a good support for reptile breeding. Moonlight lamps have hardly any effect on the electricity bill, because these terrarium lamps have a very low power consumption.

Moonlight lamps for night terrarium lighting are available from us in various designs - as classic terrarium lamps or in the particularly economical and durable form as moonlight LEDs. Moonlight LEDs consume unbelievably little electricity and provide a spectacular spectacle in the terrarium. So night observations in the terrarium become an exciting adventure.