LED Terrarium Lamps

Terrariums LED Lighting

Hardly any other trend in terrarium lighting has brought about such changes as LED terrarium lamps. The advantages of LED lamps as daylight lamps for terrariums are obvious.

An LED terrarium lamp does not heat up the terrarium and thus ensures a constant temperature in the terrarium. At the same time, modern LED technology in terrarium lamps ensures the highest light output in the terrarium, whereby the power consumption of LED terrarium lamps is only a fraction of what conventional terrarium lamps require for a similar light output.

But also in terms of service life, LED terrarium lamps are far superior to conventional light sources for terrariums. So you save twice when using LED lamps in your terrarium. And when it comes to the environment, LED terrarium lamps are the best choice anyway. LED terrarium lamps are manufactured without the use of mercury and are therefore much easier to dispose of. LED terrarium lighting is also ideal for keeping insects, because the light of an LED lamp does not disturb the sense of orientation of these terrarium animals.

Due to their design, LED terrarium lamps are safer than conventional bulbs for terrariums. LED lamps do not have a hollow body and can therefore be manufactured much more compactly. In addition, LED lamps for terrariums cannot burst, which reduces the probability of failure of an LED terrarium lamp. LED terrarium lamps are shockproof and insensitive to vibrations - this prevents transport damage. Due to the RGB mixture of the light emitting diodes, LED terrarium lamps provide a perfect colour rendering value - ideal for keeping reptiles.