Terrarium Lamps and Terrarium Lighting

The husbandry of reptiles is not possible without the right light. Proper terrarium lighting is the key to the healthy development of reptiles. Everything you need for optimal terrarium lighting can be found on Reptilienkosmos.

Daylight lamps of all wattages and designs, high-quality UV floodlights, modern T5 terrarium lamps, energy-saving compact UV lamps, health-promoting lamps and, of course, all the important accessories you need for optimum terrarium lighting. This protects your reptiles and other terrarium animals from injury, installs your terrarium lighting even faster and can save a lot of electricity when operating terrarium lamps. Not sure which bulb is right for your reptiles? The Reptilenkosmos will be happy to explain everything about light in the terrarium to you in detail. So the choice of the right terrarium lighting makes twice as much fun and with our reasonable prices you will shine anyway.
We offer you in the field of terrarium lamps and terrarium lighting illuminants and accessories of all leading manufacturers. Especially with the terrarium lighting you should pay attention to high-quality illuminants. This extends the service life of your terrarium lamps and at the same time you can reduce the power consumption of the terrarium lighting. Especially with UV fluorescent lamps and other UV lamps in the terrarium you should make sure to replace these lamps in time, so that the supply of your reptiles with vital UV radiation remains guaranteed. Always remember that reptiles and other terrarium animals perceive light differently than we do. That's why you always have to rely on special terrarium lamps and not on traditional light sources. This also applies to daylight lamps for terrariums. With the right light in the terrarium, you can ensure species-appropriate conditions and healthy reptiles. Our large selection of terrarium lamps will help you.