Porcellionides pruinosus (Cuban Woodlice)

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Healthy feeding insects for the extra portion of calcium: CUBAN WOODLICE! Also ideal for use as a hygiene police in terrariums.

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  • Fresh Cuban Woodlice from controlled breeding
  • Approx. 50 woodlice in a package
  • High calcium content, ideal for amphibians and smaller reptiles
  • Valuable help for the hygiene in the terrarium

Cuban Woodlice - calcium-containing feeding insects for reptiles and amphibians

The Cuban Woodlice (Porcellionides pruinosus) are particularly calcium-rich feeding animals. At the same time the woodlice do helpful work in the terrarium, because the Cuban Woodlouse is regulary cleaning its environment. In the forest and rainforest terrarium, Cuban Woodlice ensure an optimal soil flora, as the woodlice decompose organic waste and take thorough care of manure residues and dead parts of terrarium plants. Cuban Woodlice also play an important role in the proper nutrition of terrarium animals, as their high calcium content makes them ideal as a healthy snack for reptiles with calcium deficiency or for pregnant reptiles that require additional calcium for the development of their eggs.

If you have already had experience with woodlice in the terrarium before, you should not be deceived here: The Cuban Woodlouse is significantly larger than its relative, the white woodlouse- up to four times larger in comparison. In addition, the Cuban Woodlice breed much faster in the terrarium. In principle, you can use the Cuban Woodlice in any terrarium environment, but the climate should not be too humid. If, for example, you want to use woodlice in a terrarium with frogs, the white woodlice fit better.

Due to the size of the Cuban Woodlice (the living insects can become over 1 cm long), these feeding animals can also be used to feed larger reptiles, this is not possible with the white woodlice. Also the breeding of these feed insects is very simple, here the problem of too rapid breeding could arise, this is why we recommend caution. The orange colour of the Cuban Woodlice, which we offer, has a very stimulating effect on many reptiles and amphibians and the feeding insects are a digestible and healthy meal due to the high-quality ingredients.

You will receive here approx. 50 Cuban Woodlice in the package.

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