Perforated aluminium sheet for terrarium construction

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Solve ventilation problems in the terrarium: ALUMINIUM PERFORATED SHEET! Easy to install. Ensures perfect air exchange.

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  • Einstreu oder Futterinsekten bleiben im Terrarium
  • Lebensnotwendiger Luftaustausch im Terrarium für gesunde Reptilien
  • Hält auch Ausbruchsversuchen von scharfen Reptilienkrallen stand
  • 1 Meter Lochblech, einfach nach Bedarf zuschneiden

Perforated aluminium sheet - for perfect ventilation in the terrarium

Fresh air and proper air circulation in the terrarium are vital! Therefore: Take care of a good ventilation already during the planning of your new terrarium. This is the only way to keep reptiles healthy in the long run. Our thousandfold proven aluminium perforated sheets are a very important factor here. With the perforated plate you can install practical ventilation grids or whole ventilation strips effortlessly into your terrarium. It couldn't be easier or safer! Our aluminium perforated plate is also 100% safe for all terrarium animals, because: The holes do not have any sharp edges. And what should stay in the terrarium - e.g. substrate or food insects - stays there too! Ensure the right ventilation from the start with our aluminium perforated plate and turn your terrarium into a perfectly air-conditioned biotope in which reptiles feel at home. The installation is very simple. All you have to do is cut the required size and fix the aluminium perforated sheet with terrarium silicone adhesive. In this way you lay the ideal foundation for a perfect terrarium climate!

A few more bare numbers for you to see that we're not tying a bear on you: A strip measures 1 meter in length, is 1 mm thick and is available with a width of 5 cm or 10 cm. The hole diameter is 1 mm. You think that's too small to guarantee good ventilation? Wrong! The little secret of our aluminium perforated plates for the terrarium is that the holes are staggered! This further increases the air flow rate. As you can see, our perforated aluminium sheeting is perfectly thought out! Please note that due to production reasons each side has about 10 mm of perforation-free edge.

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