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Breeders watch out: NEKTON MSA! Excellent mineral preparation with vitamin D3, trace elements and amino acids - especially ideal for breeding animals.

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  • Eiablage und Zucht zehren an den Kräften - Nekton MSA beugt vor
  • Die direkteste Waffe für gesundes Wachstum und kräftige Reptilien
  • Speziell an Reptilien angepasstes Kalzium-Phosphor-Verhältnis im Einklang mit Vitamin D3 und anderen Mineralien

Nekton MSA for reptiles - with vitamin D3 and optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio

Nekton MSA is a mineral powder with a high vitamin D3 content, specially developed for reptiles and other pets. Nekton MSA also contains amino acids in addition to all the necessary minerals that are specifically adapted to reptiles. Nekton MSA is particularly popular among breeders, as this food supplement for reptiles has made an excellent name for itself as an egg-laying supplement with a high calcium requirement. The reason for this is also the balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio of Nekton MSA, which together with vitamin D3 has been exactly adapted to the needs of terrarium animals.

Why is Nekton MSA so picky about it? The experienced terrarium keeper knows that calcium and phosphorus are linked in many ways and can prevent rickets or osteomalacia in reptiles through their interaction. Nekton MSA contains a high proportion of vitamin D3, since even with a very good mineral supply calcium and phosphorus are stored much better in the bone substance of the animal through the mediation of vitamin D3. Furthermore, vitamin D3 in nekton MSA is able to adapt the optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio to the respective reptile species. A calcium-phosphorus ratio of 2:1 is often regarded as optimal. However, this is not the case for all types of reptiles and other terrarium animals. Slight fluctuations in the optimal ratio are therefore adjusted by vitamin D3 in Nekton MSA. The same care was taken with the other ingredients. Only the interaction of all added minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids in the right composition for reptiles makes Nekton MSA so successful. Not only with breeders, but also with veterinarians who successfully treat diseased reptiles with MSA. Remember, many diseases of reptiles are ultimately caused by mineral deficiency. With Nekton MSA you make provision - guaranteed and safe.

How is Nekton MSA used? Nekton MSA should be used especially in breeding animals, sick or weak reptiles, especially animals with calcium damage or young animals for bone formation. And of course also for prophylaxis for squeaky happy terrarium animals, so that problems don't occur in the terrarium in the first place. Nekton MSA is not completely water soluble and should therefore be mixed with soft or wet food. Feed insects are pollinated, rats, mice or poultry are slightly moistened with water in one place and sprinkled with Nekton MSA.

Nekton MSA is available in three practical package sizes.


With 2 amino acids
Composition: dicalcium phosphate, silicic acid
Analytical components: Approx. 23.7 %, P 17.4 %
Nutritional additives per kg: 10,000 IU vitamin D3, 3,000 mg iron (iron (II) sulphate), 1,255 mg zinc (zinc sulphate), 1,255 mg manganese (manganese oxide), 250 mg (copper (II) sulphate), 100 mg iodine (calcium iodate), 40 mg cobalt (cobalt II sulphate).

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