Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain clay substrate

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Practically indispensable for tropical terrariums: LUCKY REPTILE HYDRO DRAIN! The natural clay substrate for moisture regulation in the terrarium.

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  • Speichert große Mengen von Wasser im Terrarium
  • Reines, hochwertiges Tongranulat
  • Für optimale Luftfeuchte im Terrarium
  • Wird als unterste Bodengrundschicht aufgeschüttet

Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain - the top granulate made of natural clay for wet terrariums

If you own a rainforest terrarium or another wet terrarium, you should be envious, but humidity can become a permanent problem. Often water soaks the bottom of the terrarium so that dirt and mould quickly form - not ideal conditions for reptiles. Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain solves this problem quickly and cleverly, because this natural clay substrate is simply inserted into the terrarium as the lowest soil layer. Then spread the regular substrate on top. Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain Clay Substrate is an excellent and incredibly strong water reservoir that attracts moisture in the terrarium almost magnetically. The effect: Your actual substrate remains clean, while Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain clay granules retain the water in the terrarium and release it only gradually.

Thus the Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain clay substrate does not only contribute to more cleanliness in the terrarium, but the substrate also provides for a constantly high humidity, as it is necessary in a rain forest terrarium. Terrarium plants also benefit from Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain, because they are now always adequately supplied with moisture. Even the water that Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain clay substrate can no longer absorb will no longer cause you any problems. As long as the water is not higher than the clay substrate layer itself, the actual substrate cannot become marshy. It can be that simple.

You receive Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain clay substrate from us in a reasonably priced 10 litre bag.

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