Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding

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One of the best substrates for desert and savannah terrariums: LUCKY REPTILE DESERT BEDDING! High quality, best digging ability, pure natural product.

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  • Top Bodengrund mit hohem Lehm- und Erdanteil, sehr gut formbar
  • Grabfähig - fällt dank perfekter Zusammensetzung nicht zusammen
  • Reines Naturprodukt, ohne jegliche Zusätze
  • Reguliert die Feuchtigkeit über die Haut auf natürliche Weise
  • Ideal für Bartagamen, Dornschwanzagamen, Leopardgeckos und alle anderen Wüstentiere
  • Besonders preisgünstig im 20-Liter-Vorratspack

Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding - the natural substrate for desert terrariums

Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding is a ready-made soil mixture for dry terrariums - terrariums with reptiles living in deserts or savannahs. Even though many reptile owners still believe that sand is the right substrate for desert terrariums and other dry terrariums, the habitats of such reptiles look different in reality. Pure sand subsoils are often even avoided by reptiles. Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding is the remedy. With this substrate, the actual soil conditions in dry regions were much better reproduced and thus perfect conditions are created for your terrarium animals. A particularly high clay and soil content ensures that your reptiles follow natural instincts and can dig caves or burrows. Most reptiles from dry regions do not do this for fun. Such structures, which are very easy to lay in Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding, not only serve as hiding places, they are an important moisture reservoir for many reptiles. The residual moisture in the substrate cools and ensures that reptiles evaporate less water. Many reptiles from hot and dry regions are also able to increasingly absorb moisture via the skin. This process, which is important for the health of these reptiles, is also excellently supported by Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding. Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding is designed to retain moisture longer under the dry surface.

You will receive the high-quality Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding as a loose, sieved earth mixture for your terrarium. Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding is usually simply poured into the terrarium to create a loose, perfect substrate. Keep digging reptiles, compact Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding simply by adding water. In this way you obtain a graveable, stable and at the same time collapse-proof substrate. Do you want to create your own terrarium landscapes with Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding? No problem. Mix Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding with water in a ratio of 4:1 (weight). You will then receive a "mortar-like mass" with which you can model any structure in the terrarium. Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding is ideal as a base for bearded dragons, thorntail dragons, collar iguanas and many other reptiles from dry regions. This high-quality substrate can of course also be used in terrariums with floor heating.

Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding is available in four different versions. Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding Natur, Snow White, Golden Yellow and Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding Outback Red, which gives your terrarium the beautiful look of Australia's red floors.

- Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding Natur, 20 Liter
- Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding Snow White, 20 Litres
- Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding Golden Yellow, 20 Litres
- Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding Outback Red, 20 Liter

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