Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding

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Economical and hygienic: LUCKY REPTILE CANNABIS BEDDING! The absorbent and odor-binding bedding for dry terrarium environments.

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  • Bindet viel Flüssigkeit und verhindert Gerüche
  • Ergibt ca. 50 Liter frischen Bodengrund
  • Pure Natur - ohne chemische Zusätze
  • Aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding - absorbent substrate for dry terrariums

This substrate has it in it. More precisely: Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding has the perfect hygienic properties for use in terrariums. Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding consists of pressed hemp pellets and therefore this great substrate is a pure natural product, free of chemical additives and absolutely compatible for your reptiles. This is also true if your terrarium animals are eating parts of Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding. This substrate is easily digestible and does not affect the health of your reptiles in any way. In addition, the terrarium bottom is completely dust-free. One of the outstanding features of Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding is its incredible absorbency, which is reminiscent of cat litter in its effectiveness. Because: Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding absorbs large quantities of liquids and binds them in such a way that unpleasant odours are greatly reduced. Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding is very suitable for digging reptiles - skinks or various snake species, for example - because the bottom is very loose and invites you to dig. And if the word "cannabis" should confuse you now, we can calm you down quickly. Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding is made from the raw fibres of hemp plants that do not contain any THC - the infamous active ingredient that some may have thought of. And you can have a clear conscience in a double sense: Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding consists of renewable raw materials, is therefore environmentally friendly and can even be composted. In terms of yield and economy, the Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding is hard to beat anyway: the pellets swell four times their original volume after soaking.

And for which reptiles is the Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding now intended? In general, you can use this high-quality substrate in all dry terrarium environments and it is generally best suited for lizards, turtles and snakes. Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding is especially appreciated by reptiles from dry areas: e.g. Bearded Dragons, Collared iguanas, Spiny iguanas or Thorntail Agamas.

The use of Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding is very simple. Sprinkle a thin layer of pellets on the bottom of the terrarium and spray with water. Wait until the swollen bottom is completely dry before putting your animals back into the terrarium.

You get Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding from us in a 12 litre storage package - this will swell to approx. 50 litres of ready-to-use litter for your terrarium.

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