Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle (100 Watt) for water turtles

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The ideal light source for your turtles: LUCKY REPTILE BRIGHT SUN TURTLE! Perfect for use in open turtle pools.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Das perfekte, hochwertige Leuchtmittel für Ihre Wasserschildkröten
  • Viel Licht, gesunde Wärme und UV-Strahlung
  • Mit der bewährten Bright Sun Qualität
  • Stabile UV-Werte und lange Lebensdauer
  • Benötigt zum Betrieb ein passendes Vorschaltgerät

Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle - the perfect UV lamp for water turtles

The Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle for turtles closes a gap in the Lucky Reptile range and provides the holders of turtles with a particularly high-quality and balanced UV terrarium lamp. And the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle indeed offers everything for a healthy, natural development of turtles. Especially in the areas of heat, UV-A and UV-B the small paddlers are very demanding - conventional terrarium lamps are often not sufficient. The Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle has been designed as the sole light source for water turtles and this powerful terrarium lamp fulfils this task even with open turtle basins. The trick: The Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle for turtles has a much improved heat radiation technology, so that the heat radiation is directed exactly where it is needed in the turtle terrarium. With conventional terrarium lamps, this heat is often lost, which makes it impossible to create heat islands in the terrarium with such terrarium lamps.

For water turtles, however, such sun and heat islands are absolutely necessary so that the animals feel comfortable and can absorb sufficient UV radiation. Up to now it was therefore usual to use particularly strong UV emitters at water turtle basins, which naturally also results in an extremely high energy requirement. Stop that! Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle is specially designed for use in open terrariums. This special lamp can be used at a much shorter distance from the animals and the extra robust special glass protects the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle against splashing water. You can use this high-quality terrarium lamp for water turtles for all common terrariums and the special spectrum of the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle also makes the use possible for fish and water plants. Please note that a suitable ballast such as the Bright Control Pro 2 is required for operation. We recommend the Thermo Socket Plus reflector set with Plug and Play plug connection, suitable for the ballast, as a suitable socket. The reflector set can then simply be hung at a suitable height above the land part of the aquarium or water turtle terrarium with the aid of a lamp stand, for example.


Please use only with suitable ballast for metal halide lamps. We recommend the Lucky Reptile Bright Control Pro 2 in 100 Watt.

The distance between your Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle (100 Watt) and the turtles should be between 35-50 cm to achieve optimal light values, effective UV radiation and sufficient heat. Please do not use the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle in normal (closed) terrariums. Due to the special relationship between heat output and light spectrum, this terrarium lamp is only suitable for open pools.

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