Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Budget Set

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The mercilessly favourable brother of the well-known MEGA set: LUCKY REPTILE BRIGHT SUN BUDGET SET! Perfect terrarium light, warmth and lots of UV at a low price.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Das Selbstbau-Set mit Vorschaltgerät, Reflektorset & Bright Sun UV Lampe
  • Genial günstiger Setpreis
  • Ideal für Dschungel- und Wüstenterrarien
  • Budgetversion ohne Plug & Play Technik - manueller Umbau nötig!
  • Mit 35, 50 und 70 Watt erhältlich

Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Budget Set - the complete set ready for connection for perfect daylight, warmth and UV

The Bright Sun Budget Set is the little brother of the successful Lucky Reptile Bright Sun MEGA Set. Everything we tell you about the MEGA Set also applies to the slimmed down version. But what's the difference? With the Bright Sun Budget Set we use cheaper, but by no means worse ballasts that are suitable for lamps with a power of 35, 50 and 70 watts. The Bright Control Evo is not switchable and can only be used for lamps of one strength. We will pack the right Bright Control Evo ballast to match the ordered Bright Sun lamp. All you have to do is choose the reflector set of your choice.

What other differences are there? The main difference with the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Budget Set is that you get components without plug & play technology. In other words: You must wire the socket incl. reflector (Thermo Socket Plus) to the ballast yourself. This is not further complicated, only the comfortable clicking as the Plug & Play components offer it is omitted here. However, the savings compared to the MEGA set are immense. The formula applies here: Top components + a little handwork = ingeniously favorable!

For more information on the individual components of the Bright Sun Budget Set, see the corresponding product descriptions for the individual articles.

The selection of the right Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Budget Set for you is simple: Simply select the desired version of the Bright Sun lamp from the drop-down menu at the top. We automatically pack the right ballast for you. Now select the desired size and colour of the reflector in the dropdown below and order!

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5,99 €
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