Lucky Reptile Borneo Grass with red ears (Terrarium plant)

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Beautifully shaped and very attractive in colour: LUCKY REPTILE BORNEO GRASS WITH RED EARS! High quality and wonderful optics.

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  • Von natürlichem Borneo Gras kaum zu unterscheiden
  • Feinste Qualität und frei von Schadstoffen
  • Robust und ideal für den Einsatz im Terrarium
  • Hygienische Alternative zu echten Terrarienpflanzen
  • Ca. 30 cm hoch

Lucky Reptile Borneo grass with red ears - beautiful terrarium plant

Lucky Reptile Borneo Grass is certainly one of the most beautiful terrarium plants for steppe and desert terrariums. You can also use this great terrarium plant in a jungle terrarium. The processing of Lucky Reptile Borneo grass is so perfect that you can't tell the difference between this terrarium plant and real grass at first glance. The solid stone base with its great, natural design also gives the optics the final kick. With this terrarium plant everything simply fits together. Lucky Reptile Borneo Grass is washable and hygienic - it cannot be eaten by reptiles, which provides additional safety in the terrarium. The height of about 30 cm can be impressive and makes Lucky Reptile Borneo grass a great decoration even in large terrariums. An all-round successful terrarium product with a long shelf life and a terrarium plant as it should be.

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