Locusts in a tin can (Locusta migratoria)

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Buy really healthy food insects at a good price: LOCUSTS IN A CAN! The vital snack for reptiles and all insectivores.

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  • Vitale Wanderheuschrecken aus artgerechter Haltung
  • Mit unseren Futterinsekten bares Geld sparen
  • Die perfekten Futtertiere - reich an Vitaminen und Mineralstoffen
  • Nur aus nachhaltiger, professioneller Zucht

The vital insect snack - locusts in a can

The migratory locusts are very popular and proven in the feed insects for reptiles. After the desert locusts, migratory locusts are the largest food-animals and migratory locusts are the most widespread type of the locust worldwide. The success of the migratory locust is due not least to its high reproduction rate and the rapid growth characteristic of migratory locusts. Here the migratory locusts are clearly superior to the desert locusts and that is also the reason why migratory locusts are bred preferentially as feed-insects. Locusts (Locusta migratoria) are eaten by almost all reptile species and are, if the food animals are properly fed, a healthy and nutritious food for reptiles. With many reptiles - e.g. bearded dragons or water dragons - migratory locusts are at the top of the menu. But also chameleons, monitors and geckos like to reach here. And rightly so, because our migratory locusts are healthy food insects whose consumption promotes the natural development of reptiles. Like all our feed animals, our migratory locusts are optimally kept and reared with healthy nutrients. Your reptiles will benefit twice: On the one hand, our vital migratory locusts are a great way to promote the natural prey instincts of reptiles, and on the other hand, terrarium animals receive everything they need for healthy development through these optimally fed food insects. In this way, your reptiles are optimally supplied with vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients.

Of course, you will always receive our hiking locusts fresh from the day. If you want to keep your feed insects in stock, we recommend that you use our wheat bran for feed insects in addition to fresh green fodder. With this nutrition the migratory locusts stay healthy and vital and your reptiles get the perfect insect snack at the end. Reptile cosmos feed insects are the basis for a long, healthy reptile life.

Hiking locusts are available in different sizes. So you can feed your reptiles healthy food insects in a "format" suitable for them:

migratory locusts large, approx. 10 food insects, length 45-70 mm
Migratory locusts subadult, also known as v.d.l.H. (before the last moult), approx. 12 feed insects, length 25-40 mm
Migratory locusts medium, approx. 14 feed insects, length 15-25 mm
Migratory locusts small, approx. 18 feed insects, length 7-14 mm


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