Insect food (for breeding and keeping)

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100 % natural insect food from our own production: INSECT FOOD! The perfect mixture - with high-quality nutrients and incredibly cheap.

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  • Insektenfutter ohne Zusätze und Konservierungsstoffe
  • Hochwertige Insektenfutter-Mischung - beliebt und bewährt
  • Super Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
  • Ausreichend für über 200 Portionen

Our ingenious insect food for breeding and keeping

The same goes for food insects: You are what you eat. This may sound banal, but there is no alternative to a high-quality insect food for feed insects. This is because feed insects are eventually consumed by our reptiles and many substances that were taken up by the feed insects via the insect feed pass directly to the reptiles and can be poorly or not at all broken down by them. Here only a good, natural insect food can help - rich and healthy for food insects and reptiles. You are on the safe side with our reptile cosmos insect food in any case. Our feed for feed insects is a proven house mix and has already convinced many reptile fans. By the way: Whoever orders food insects in the reptile cosmos already knows our high-quality insect food, because we deliver our food insects exactly with this food.

With our reptile cosmos insect food you can be completely sure: Our insect food does not contain any harmful additives - neither antibiotics, which unfortunately are still frequently found in food for insects, nor preservatives find their way into our insect food. You can count on our word: Reptile cosmos Insect food consists exclusively of high-quality, natural raw materials. Our insect food is particularly rich in important minerals and vitamins and is characterized by a high nutritional value for feed insects. In contrast to many other feeds for feed insects, our reptile cosmos insect food is exactly tailored to the needs of insects.

You will receive a tin of 500 ml insect food.

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