Hobby UV Star Power UV Spotlight

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A lot of UV power and heat: HOBBY UV STAR POWER! Ideal for sun islands and high terrariums.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Beugt Mangelerscheinungen bei Reptilien vor
  • Ideal für Wüstenbewohner
  • Extrem hohe Lichtausbeute
  • Zum Betrieb ist ein Vorschaltgerät erforderlich

Hobby UV Star Power UV Spotlight - ideal UV spotlight for high terrariums

If you keep reptiles with a particularly high need for UV-A and UV-B irradiation, you should always use UV lamps that can provide both to a sufficient extent. UV-A increases the general vitality of such terrarium animals and thanks to a good UV-B supply, deficiency symptoms such as rickets are avoided. UV-B is necessary for so-called D3 synthesis, which makes healthy bone formation possible. The Hobby UV Star Power UV spotlight also produces a lot of heat and daylight. When it comes to daylight, it is important to know that the light temperature has been set so that reptiles from desert areas in particular feel at home with it to the maximum. The sunlight in such regions has a much brighter color and looks colder. 6000 K is a perfect value here and the colour rendering value and light intensity also reflect the natural conditions perfectly. Important for the Hobby UV Star spotlight is that this UV lamp - in contrast to a UV area lamp - limits the light in a narrower focus, which at the same time leads to the concentrated beam reaching deeper into the terrarium. Even at a distance of 120 cm to the reptiles in the terrarium there are still 50 µW/cm to be seen.² UV-B Strahlung an, im Maximum sind dies sogar satte 250 µW/cm² (Entfernung 55 – 70 cm) – ein echter Spitzenwert. Damit ist der Hobby UV Star Power UV Spotstrahler natürlich auch der ideale Kandidat, um lokal begrenzte Sonneninseln im Terrarium zu schaffen.

Attention: The UV Star lamps need a ballast for operation! We recommend the Bright Control Pro from Lucky Reptile

The Hobby UV Star Power UV spotlight is very high quality processed, which results in a considerable life span. The purchase price is attractive and due to the comparatively low wattage the consumption values remain correspondingly low. Hobby UV Star Power UV spotlights have a very sophisticated technology, which is also expressed by the fact that the ignition process is very gentle. Thus the Hobby UV Star Power UV spotlight is well protected against defects. This is how you buy a modern high-performance UV lamp at a real savings price.

To operate a Hobby UV Star Power UV spotlight you need a suitable ballast with the appropriate wattage. The UV lamp should also be operated with a good ceramic mount to prevent melting through. Protective grids or protective baskets should also be a matter of course for strong terrarium lamps, as they protect your terrarium animals from burns.

We offer the Hobby UV Star Power UV Spotlight in two different wattages:

Hobby UV Star Power UV Spotlight, 50 Watt
Hobby UV Star Power UV Spotlight, 70 Watt

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